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It seems as though there are dozens of job titles peppering the real estate industry, and it’s easy to see why many don’t understand the value of a real estate consultant. However, there is a marked difference between real estate consultants and real estate agents. If you’re looking to buy exclusive real estate, you should … Continue reading Investing in Exclusive Real Estate? Get a Consultant

What Counts as ”Luxury” Real Estate?

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Investors in real estate have likely seen a trend in the way properties are described. Rather than listing a property as simply “high-end,” the term “luxury” has begun to permeate every level of every market. When half the properties available are suddenly marketed as ”luxury,” the meaning of the word begins to melt away; now, seeing … Continue reading What Counts as ”Luxury” Real Estate?

What is an ”Exclusive Listing”

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If you invest in real estate, you’ve likely come across the term “Exclusive Listing.” Whether in your own transactions or while researching potential investments, this term frequently occurs in exclusive and luxury real estate. Here’s what you need to know.  An exclusive listing is a real estate sale agreement in which an agent gains commission … Continue reading What is an ”Exclusive Listing”